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Meet Cakes Da Killa on Ebro in the Morning!


Stumbled a little at the start….caught myself…said fuck my nerves & just kept it cunt. #HOT97 #SHEIT #SHELIT Big moment, big lessons learnt, the carry continues.



I spent about ten minutes trying to upload the studio version of this, but this is even better than that one, so here you go: Amy Ray (of the Indigo Girls) doing my personal favorite rendition of “Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say” from Jesus Christ Superstar, because that is a thing that happened at some point in the early 90s (there’s even a full length cast recording) and it was awesome.

whaaaaat!!!! i don’t even like the indigo girls but this is a major gamechanger for certain homosexualities


Here is a track from our upcoming EP that will be released early next month!  Pre-order the record here from Yo-Yo Records!!

New High Dive!! Ahhhh!

thesaturnyear replied to your post “FY!QM (i.e. me, Zach) is going on vacation!”

That sounds like an amazing camp, and yay for vacation time! Will you make a post about it when you come back? I’d like to hear more.

Yeah, I can do that! I volunteered with One Heartland a couple years ago while I was in Americorps and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, but I missed out on True Colors last summer because I couldn’t take the time off work. My girlfriend volunteered, though, and had an amazing time, so it should be good!

FY!QM (i.e. me, Zach) is going on vacation!

I actually get vacation time from my job, which is a weird and new thing for me, but I am actually using it to go on vacation. Well, kind of.

I’m only making mention of this because I am taking a week off to volunteer as a counselor at Camp True Colors. It’s a camp for LGBTQ youth who are living in the shelter system or are in an out-of-home program which was created by the True Colors Foundation (the Cyndi Lauper charity), and is run by One Heartland (an absolutely incredibly organization/camp that runs programs for kids infected with/affected by HIV/AIDS, who live in transitional housing, those who are living with type 2 diabetes, among others). I am so fucking excited, y’all have no idea.

But pretty much, if you’re the type of person who does volunteer work, or if you have the extra income to give to charity, please consider giving to One Heartland.

(Also, I may or may not be taking an extra couple days to go home and eat a Twix stuffed in a Twinkie, which is wrapped in bacon and deep fried at the New York State Fair. Because of reasons. But mostly the volunteer thing).

Anonymous asked
Can you please tag nsfw?

Of course! My apologies. I’ll try to be more conscious about that in the future.

A Boy Named Pony is an unabashedly sexual and sexy electronic act from LA. Suitable for all your sexy time playlists and/or strutting down the street in your own private music video (because we all do it).